NEW at Billy’s Antiques!

Here at Billy’s we have a steady rotation of amazing things at the shop. Every day that you come to Billy’s you are bound to find something new. Here is a preview of everything we have at the shop right now.Boars head, Tiki plaque, and Dear taxidermy!This dear is already turning heads!We always have the best antique trunks. This one is REALLY old and so amazing.Cool antique cupboards.

We have GREAT vintage suitcases!We got in a GATOR head! it is huge!Cute turquoise typewriter.Our assortment of antique trunks!Cute owl for umbrellas or golf clubs!Old lunch boxes!Beautiful Victorian wall plaques.We have tons of great new mannequins!Tons of tables and benches!Stackable 60s tables!Shabby chic dresser and a cool trunk up top!Amazing trunks and 3 piece table set from the 50s!These tables are amazing!Cool antique Victorian painting.We have the best ornate mirrors in all shapes and sizes!Told you we had lots of mannequins!…and dress forms too!
Antique bench!How awesome is this wicker chair from the 60s? We love it!

Come by the shop and see it all in person!

We are located on 76 East Houston in NYC!


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