New at Billy’s Antiques!

Hello world and welcome to the Billy’s Antiques blog where we will be updating you on our latest treasures at the shop! Billy’s Antiques is everyone’s go-to shop for the best antiques at the best prices. Our inventory is always changing on a daily basis so treasures always await you. In this post we will show you some great stuff we have at the shop right now! Check inside!These are vintage suitcases, we always have a steady rotation of these because they sell like hot cakes!This one is from the 50s/60s and is in perfect condition! Just $45 too!
Right now we have some cool old instruments at the shop.We always have an assortment of really cool mirrors of all shapes and sizes!These are biology scrolls used in schools dating back to the 40s! They are great as wall decor! Prices range from $75-150!We have tons of old cameras from all eras!We always have cool jewelry, old and new. If you want really cool jewelry this is the place!This is a Victorian vanity chair, the detail is amazing!These pillows are even more beautiful in person!Everyone loves our victorian benches! We have a smaller one too below!How cute is this cigar box purse! The inside is leopard!We always have cool posters and other wall decor.This colorful elephant was sold right after we took this photo!We always have tons of furniture!These are old african tables that can also be seating with a cusion insert. They were sold today!
We have tons of Playboy Magazines from the 60s and 70s in stock!
It’s a pocket watch clock!We have tons of taxidermy animals at the shop as well as old ethnic artifacts dating back almost 200 years!Old wagon wheels!We sometimes have new items too like this cool hamper from West Elm.Globes, circus clowns, and panthers oh my! Oh…and the porcupine too! Everyone loves this little guy!This beautiful wall plaque was sold today!It’s an old pink chest!We always have a steady rotation of really cool trunks!Very cool table that expands!
An old globe and an alligator!This is an old NY subway lamp from 1901!
Old funeral home sign!We also have great items in the cases on the inside of the shop like these cool cuff links and tie clip combo!These cuff links are cool too!Gun props!Skeleton keys, old dice, and some knives!Candle holders, jewelry, and foreign cash!Vintage jewelry!Crystals, skulls, pebbles, and shells!Yes, that is a uterus lol.Vintage costume accessories!Old freak show poster!Dolls and broches!Some more old artifacts!Little Lulu and a Kung Foo lunch box!We have great lamps and other kinds of lighting!We always have great dressers and wardrobes.This is a really cool antique TV along with some other nick nacks.
This is a beautiful painting and one of many we have at the shop.
This is one of our favorite broches!More antique jewelry!
This is an antique clock made of bakelite!It’s a Jayne Mansfield pamphlet!Some old clocks and vanity items!Old arrow heads!
Antique shackles!!!Old plates!Beautiful antique clock.
Vintage pens!Old pottery!

Stop by the shop to see what other treasures await you!

We are located on 76 E Houston street in NYC!


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  1. beautiful items!

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